Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you navigate and use our eLearning Service.

  • Logins

    Upon purchasing one of our courses, you will receive a welcome email with your logins to access your own dedicated learning account on the Pinnacle Wellbeing Services Portal: https://learn.pinnaclewellbeingservices.com

  • Account & Profile

    Once logged in you can then access your account details via the dropdown on the top right of the page and from there you can edit and view your Profile, Password, Certificates, Notifications, Billing and Order History.

  • My Dashboard

    Once logged in you can also view all the courses that you have enrolled in via the ‘My Dashboard’ link on the top right of the page. The course tiles will display on the page, and you can access the courses you have purchased by clicking on those. Each tile will also display how far you are in the course with a percentage, and you can also click to see the overview or click to resume the course.

  • Course Learning

    Upon accessing each course, you will see that the menu options appear on the left side of the page with the main learning screen and view on the right side of the page which you can also enlarge to a full screen view. The first section of each course is the ‘User Instructions’ which will explain exactly how to navigate the courses visually showing you how to use the tools and features of the media player and the eLearning experience.

  • Resetting Your Password

    To reset your password, click the ‘Sign In’ link on the portal homepage: https://learn.pinnaclewellbeingservices.com then select ‘Forgot Password’ then enter your email address and you will then receive instructions to follow and create your new password.

  • Certificates

    Once you have successfully completed a course you will then be able to download your ‘Certificate of Completion’ straight afterwards which will detail the course name, your full name, company name and the date of completion. You are also able to access your certificates in the account section via the top right dropdown when logged into your account.

  • Additional Training or Coaching beyond the Courses & Topics

    We offer a range of face-to-face and online solutions (via Zoom, MS Teams and Skype) to cater for your needs. Please visit the following websites for more information; Corporate Training & Coaching: www.pinnaclewellbeingservices.com and Individual Therapy, Training or Coaching: www.pinnacletherapy.co.uk

  • Queries & More Information

    You can also email us: info@pinnaclewellbeingservices or call us on: +44 (0)207 060 4375

How It Works

To get started with Pinnacle Learning is quick & easy:

  • Sign Up

    Sign up via your chosen course page with our secure one-page checkout process and immediately receive your logins email to access your learning account along with your purchase receipt.

  • Upskill & Improve

    Access your account and start learning with interactive course slides that use text, audio and video. Also use your dedicated workbook as you work through the course content making notes.

  • Completion

    Revisit and access your course content as many times as you need to before completing a multiple choice quiz at the end to complete the course and obtain your certificate of completion.

Course Bonuses

With all of our courses you will enjoy full access to:

  • Official eBook

    Download the official course eBook to support you as you work through the lessons.

  • Lifetime Access

    You’ll be able to come back and review the lessons and content at any point.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Certificate's are issued upon successful completion of the course with your full name.

CPD Accreditation

All of our online courses are CPD Certified

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities. It enables learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive. 

Established in 1996, The CPD Certification Service is the largest and leading independent CPD accreditation organisation working across all industries.

The CPD Certification Service evaluate further learning activities to the highest standards. Hundreds of thousands of professionals recognise the CPD Certified symbol as the qualitative benchmark that, not only reflects but also sets those standards. 

The CPD Certification Service supports the Continuing Professional Development policies of institutional and professional bodies on an increasingly international basis. 

You can find more details on the CPD website if needed and here are our online courses listed on the CPD website: Pinnacle Wellbeing Services's Courses on the CPD Provider Directory